Re-engaging the Dis-illusioned

37% of children in Southwark leave school without any qualifications.

Southwark has UK's highest teenage crime in the UK.

The project exploits opportunities within the existing Elephant and Castle shopping centre (Southwark, London) and the transport nodes surrounding it. It reconfigures and manipulates existing city attractions for young people, and re-arranges them within the shopping centre creating opportunity.

The project creates new pathways, with learning nodes lying within them. Within these nodes lie alternative learning platforms relative to the attracting programme within the shopping centre, such as cooking lessons on way to takeaway shops, 'catching' the attention of young passersby. These nodes also become opportunities of knowledge exchange, and social mix between commuters and local residents.

Through generations, the young become the teachers, and they themselves inspire and generate interest and become the new attractors.

The new structure within, creates varying spacial qualities, varying the flow around different parts of the building.

The roof structure made up of lenses that rotate depending on movement on the floor, creating an interactive scattering of light within the internal spaces, whilst they shimmer externally as a signal to the outside world, as the hive of activity proceeds within the building.
Long Section
View from Entrance
View of Reflective Lens on Roof
View with visual screens and Takeaway stalls on bottom floor
View of Learning Platform
One to One of Interactive Lenses
An exploration in building facade's creating mechanical animations reflecting movement and light contrast from within the building. A sensor panel from within the building detects light intensity as well as being sensitive to different light bands. Each sensor then transfers a quantitative signal to a specific servo motor to translate using a bespoke code and chipset to move the rings exact angles responding to the original signal of it's allocated sensor. Panels of hundreds of such rings create animations utilizing the light reflected on the as well as refracted through them. This I am using as a attractor to my architecture.
One to One of Interactive Lenses 2
Fragment of Filamentous Structure
Experiment to create variations of people flow.
Rapid Prototype of Fragment 1
Rapid Prototype of Fragment 2
Rapid Prototype of Fragment 3
Simulacra 2
The commercialisation of Education
Uk Education investment / profit diagram